We are currently
working within the
following categories:

Milk-based candies

Chocolate drinks

Milk modifiers

Bars, nuts, and cereals

Industrial chocolate products

Our team is made up of innovative, committed, and responsible people who contribute to our sustainable development. We are passionate about our clients and consumers and encourage corporate sense and ideas without borders.

We are part of Grupo Nutresa’s Chocolate Businesses, which has production plants in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru, and a wide distribution network that allows us to make our portfolio available in the most strategic regions for our business to grow. Grupo Nutresa is one the most important players in the food industry in Latin America, operating through eight business units: meats, cookies, chocolates, Tresmontes Lucchetti (TMLUC), coffees, foods for consumers, ice creams, and pastas. It is also the second most reputable company in Colombia according to the 2017 Merco Empresas monitor, and the second-best employer in the country according to Merco Talento 2017.

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